PRINCE2 Management Products

In a PRINCE2 ® project, management products are information sets that are presented in a variety of forms – not necessarily just as documents. Management products are incorporated in the PRINCE2 ® processes to enable the various roles that make up a project management team to take action and make decisions.

PRINCE2 ® distinguishes between three different types of management products:

Baseline management products define certain aspects of the project and are subject to change control once approved.
For example: Business Case, Product Descriptions, strategies, Project Initiation Documentation, plans, etc.

Records are dynamic management products. They contain information on project progress.
For example: Logs (e.g. Daily Log), registers (Quality Register, Risk Register, Issue Register), etc.

Reports provide a snapshot of specific aspects of the project.
For example: Highlight Report, End Stage Report, Exception Report, End Project Report, etc.

Management Products vs. Specialist Products

Management products are one of the key features that enable a project to be “managed”. They should only be applied where appropriate and are therefore subject to tailoring. The official manual “Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2” contains Product Descriptions for a total of 26 management products. The Product Descriptions include the purpose and composition of each management product together with information on its contents, as well as the quality criteria that must be taken into consideration when creating it.

A clear distinction should be made between management products and specialist products. Specialist products are the products that make up the final deliverable of a project. The production of one or more specialist products is defined in the relevant plan. PRINCE2 ® focuses on the project management of these deliverables, though not on their actual creation.


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