The “Delivering” management level features the following PRINCE2 process:

Project start-up:
At this point, the Team Managers are not yet involved in tasks such as preparing and initiating project documents (management products) including plans, the Business Case, strategies, project controls etc.

Project in progress:
“Managing Product Delivery” is the Team Manager's interface process to the Project Manager (Controlling a Stage). The Team Manager negotiates the work package with the Project Manager. Once the work package has been authorised, the Team Manager takes on responsibility for proper delivery of the product as specified in the Product Descriptions. He/she orders the creation of the products and ensures acceptance and – once the products defined in the work package have been successfully created – the Team Manager notifies the Project Manager that the work package has been completed. Crucial information required by the Project Manager to monitor progress include the updated Quality Register with the review results and regular Checkpoint Reports.

Project end:
The last stage of a project also includes the task of accepting and taking back work packages. The Managing Product Delivery process is carried out repeatedly until the last product delivery has been completed and the Project Plan has been fulfilled.
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